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We are proud to live and work in Hampshire and have chosen the Hampshire Hog as our logo. By lucky coincidence the Boar is also our family emblem!

Feel free to look at our portfolio or learn a bit more about us.

We hope you will consider contacting Hampshire Wood Projects if you have a wood based project idea.

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About Richard

I first applied saw to wood as a young boy, attempting to shape a railway engine – unaware that the saw was totally blunt (a parental safety feature), and that the wood was all but the finest English Oak. Since then, I have learned a great deal about wood and tool maintenance but that was when the seed was planted.

I have a degree in Building and began my career as a site manager. Whilst managing the refurbishment of a six storey town house in Belgravia I was inspired by the built in furniture that the client had commissioned. This prompted the decision to become a self-employed craftsman.

Although involved in project management in the construction and yacht building industries at various stages over the years, my desire to work hands on with wood on never diminished.  Hampshire Wood Projects is now my sole focus and in 2011 I became a Fellow of the Institute of Carpenters.

Richard Evershed Hampshire Wood Projects


We don’t enjoy seeing resources wasted, and as a result we will happily modify a piece of furniture you already have, or use reclaimed timber for a project.

This philosophy also extends to our purchases of materials, tools and equipment. We always look for a level of quality that is going to give a long service life. We regularly select hand tools from specialist second hand dealers. On a daily basis we use some of the fine tools that have been passed down through the family to us.

We take our responsibility towards our environment seriously, and ensure that we support local businesses.  We regularly use reclaimed timber where appropriate and ensure new timber is FSC Certified and purchased from local sawmills and suppliers.

Timber off cuts which cannot be used for anything useful are used as fuel in our wood burning stoves, which heat our house and water. Wood shavings produced in the workshop are used as litter for our chickens as well as heating the workshop with our sawdust burner.

We even go as far as spinning and weaving wool from our three resident alpacas, which we use to make hats and scarves  for the cold winter mornings!

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