JCB Hammer Demonstration Log and Stand

One of our recent projects took a serious hammering at a G-Mex trade show.

Which is exactly what it was designed for.

Our client, who sell JCB licensed tools, approached us with a request for a log they could use to demonstrate an addition to their range – a new design of hammer.

The log was to […]

Axminster No. 19 (92) Shoulder Plane Upgrade

I bought this shoulder plane from Axminster Power Tools  a while back, and whilst setting it up I snapped the blade hold down in two. As can be seen from the picture below the hold down is a fairly crude casting, and apparently breakage is quite a common problem with this model.   I have used […]

Dovetail Saw Rebuild – A Competition Winner!

Back in October last year whilst reading the blog of Matthew Platt at Workshop Heaven I saw he had got together with Marc Fish at Robinson House Studio to set a competition to make a saw handle. All that was required was a start, middle and end set of photos of the process.  I […]

HWP Motion Graphics

My son has been working on some motion graphic material for his university work. Check it out!

Logo Animation from Jack Evershed on Vimeo.

When is a door not a door?

A few weeks back I had some time to kill before catching a flight to Ireland, and what better to do than get in the workshop? I had an old door lying about that looked like it could use a bit of TLC so I set to work. Heres what I got up to […]